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Quick office Mobile Office Suite v1.4.2 For i Phone & i Pod Touch


Quickoffice's integrated application is the essential high-performance mobile office productivity tool for anyone on the go. Experience enterprise-grade Microsoft® Word and Excel® Office functionality with leading-edge innovation and unparalleled ease-of-use. Edit important files with confidence.

Reasons to buy Quickoffice vs. any other solution:
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* Fast and responsive app performance
* No desktop client to install - simple browser file transfer from any computer
* Fully functioning productivity suite delivered today - no need to wait for Excel®
* Robust, rich features for power users such as two finger zoom
* No need to purchase MS Exchange® to access or email files
* Very easy to use, intuitive UI - no confusing menus
* Easy access and sharing of files
* 100% data integrity - guaranteed Microsoft compatibility
* Responsive customer service - 24/7 support
* Simply works better!

Top Industry Awards
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* Best Business Application - CTIA Wireless 2009
* Most Innovative Mobile Application - Finalists 2009 Andrew Seybold Choice Awards

size: 5.84









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